Welcome to... ​My Sun Kissed Glow!

Have A Flawless Sun Kissed Glow Everyday! All Skin Tones. Hide Blemishes. Feel and Look Finer than Ever before with Our Personalized Exotic Spray Tanning Blends! No More Waiting 8hrs to Wash Off! We offer a 1-4hr wash off glow!

Head to Toe Glow

Our Head to Toe Spray Tan is Just That! Enjoy an exotic personalized rapid mist and wash off in 1-4hrs.


TWOsday Glow

Enjoy a tropical mist for two.

Bring a Friend to your session to enjoy our rapid mist and wash off in 1-4hrs.


Face Glow

Tropical mist for a magnificent face glow. Wash off in 1-4hrs.


Lower Body Glow

Dare to Bare!

Includes Top of Bikini Line down to Your TippyToes Only...

wash off in 1-4hrs.


Upper Body Glow

Receive a sun kissed glow thats just perfect for your face right down to the upper part of your bikini line.


Cocktail Clique Glow

Book a fun-filled time with a clique of 5 and receive your sun kissed glow! Perfect for Bachelorette Parties and more,


Call in for further details.

24hr Pre-Body Prep Instructions
  • shower / body exfoliation 24hrs prior to service
  • refrain from any body oils, perfumes, body sprays, lotions, scrubs that contain oils, creams, and deodorant 24hrs prior -leaves a barrier on skin & may cause discoloration
  • do not use any bar soaps before or after tan -leaves skin blotchy
  • do not use DOVE soap products before or after tan -leaves skin blotchy
  • shave or wax areas 24hrs prior to avoid streaking

  • get your mani, pedi's, massages, facials or water activities serviced prior to your spray tan session, especially brides to be
  • do not wear makeup to your session
  • do not shower right before your session -leads to less absorption of product
  • wear loose fitting clothes & flip flops for after appointment
  • you may go bare for session but if choosing to wear bathing suit/bikini choose dark colors as product may stain clothes
  • male clients, undergarments are required no exception
  • females, we do provide bikini bottom throwaways