Our Services

Eyelash Extensions were created 

to take the place of Mascara and Eyeliner

We offer a variety of services! If you don't see what you need below please contact us!

Please be advised not to wear any makeup, creams, serums or oils around eye area for any lash service. 

Do NOT intake any caffeine, teas, or energy drinks 1hr prior to your lash service. If you have sensitivities/allergies, please take allergy medication 24hrs prior AND 1hr prior the day off your service.

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* 1 Hour Lash Fill 7-14 days from your LAST fill appointment from LASHed.OUT

* 1 Hour Lash Fill (Flirty Only) 14-21 days from your LAST fill appointment from LASHed.OUT

* 1.5 Hour Lash Fill 14-21 days from your LAST fill appointment from LASHed.OUT

*any lash appointment after 21 days requires a new full set. *We do NOT fill lashes from other lash salons or stylists, please book for a Full Set. *deposits are only refundable "PRIOR" to our 24 Hour Cancellation Policy.

The Savvy Classic $175 

Single Eyelash Extensions
Light - MediuM Volume
One extension adhered to one natural lash

2 Hours Full Set

1 Hour 2wk Fill $65

1 Hour 3wk Fill $85

Natural, Long, Curly, Short.. the choice is yours!

DOPE Winks Hybrid $200

A Blend of Classic & Volume Eyelash Extensions
Medium - High Volume
Each are individually adhered to one natural lash

2 Hours Full Set 

1 Hour fill $100

1.5 Hour Fill $135

Intense Showstopper!

VideoVixenMe Volume $225

Russian Volume Extensions

Maximum Volume

Handmade Bouquets consisting of 2-7 very fine, lightweight extensions adhered to one natural lash

1 Hour Fill    $100

1.5 Hour Fill $135 

Romantically Glamorous! 

Bottom Lashes $75

Single Eyelash Extensions

light - medium volume

one extension to one natural bottom lash

Full Set $75

1 Hour Fill $45 

The Perfect Finishing Touch for the True LASHionista!

Quick Me Volume 

Check Out our Promo Page for more Options.

This is a 1 Hour service.

Shorter lengths.

Not to be used as a Fill service.

Not a permanent service on our menu.

Eyelash Extension Removal $50

This service is only offered to LASHed.OUT Clients. If you have been serviced elsewhere, please contact that lash artist for removal. We do not remove anyone else's lash artistry. 30min

Eyebrow Microblading $300

The most popular eyebrow service! The Microblading method can fill in sparse brows or create an entirely new brow by adding semi-permanent hair-like strokes. This effect adds realism to the end result. Lasts 18months. Reg Pricing includes a 4wk touch-up.  4wk TU $150 | 6-9mth TU $200 Faded Brows require Full Session.

120 min

Lip Quenchers 

Anti-Aging Lip Quenchers! This is a completely needless service. Great for those that want a more Hydrated, Plump and Natural appearance to their lips. 

1ml $249 | 2ml $349 | 3ml $449

*Quench Me 6ml package $849 *1wk intervals, up to 6wks or less.

Most Guests Require Multiple Visits to Achieve Desired Appearance as Lips Become Dehydrated with Lifestyle Changes and Aging.

Waxing Services

Welcome to the world of European Hard Wax. Imported from Spain. Our unique wax is blended with a special oil that acts as a barrier upon your skin leaving it smooth, hydrated and healthy. Prices vary.

*never double dipping of sticks 

Brows $25. Lip $10. Chin $10. 

Full Face $50. Underarms $15.

Henna Brows $60

A Triple Formulation!  Longer Lasting Definitive Brows using Henna: Semi Tint, Waxing, and Precision Brow Contouring. Lasts up to 2 weeks. No smudging, dripping or smearing of the brows. 30 min

Brow Formation $75

Includes Lami, Brow Wax, Henna or Tint for the perfect Brow! Every service includes an under eye anti-oxidant, hydrating treatment. Brow Formation will give your brow hairs a more uniformed, fuller and manageable look. Some even say the finished look resembles brow microblading but better!

Lash Lift & Tint $85

Perfect for clients wanting a more natural approach to their everyday beauty without the hassle. Lashes are lifted, curled, and tinted a natural black or blue black hue making lashes appear longer giving the eyes a more fresh, open appearance. (top & bottom lashes are tinted) up to 90min 

Salon Policy

  • We have a no-refund policy on all services performed.
  • We have a strict, less than 24hr cancellation policy. Any notification less than a 24hr notice for an eyelash extension service will be charged $50 for each lash appointment.
  • No Show Fee will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of each lash appointment. 
  • A 15min grace is given for lateness. More than 15min late your appointment will be cancelled. Please call us if you're running late.
  • You may cancel / reschedule any appointment online before our 24hr cancellation policy. Deposits are NOT refundable. 

  • All lash prices for fills are based on your last service provided by LASHed.OUT only.  All fills after 21 days will require a New Full Set and Style of your choosing. Prices are listed.
  • It's the client's responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of their lashes and to uphold at least 40-50% of extensions per lash fill. Anything less will require a new full set style/price.
  • All appointments require a 25% deposit charge, per service via Mastercard or Visa. We do not accept Discover or American Express.  Deposit is NOT refundable.
  • You authorize LASHed.OUT to pre-charge your credit card the 25% deposit per service 
  • All FINAL PAYMENTS are accepted in CASH or ZELLE only.  Change will not be provided. 

What our customers are winking about

Carolyn Best said on Oct 1​, 2015 7:13 AM

I was in Florida on my way to a cruise and stopped by the shop for a visit. Aimee is a long time friend of my daughter Ieishah. I was afraid to get my lashes done but I figured...why not? I was going on vacation so why not look fabulous? Well...I am glad I did! And my lashes looked fabulous thanks to her technician Hector. The transformation was amazing and the lashes lasted about a MONTH before I started rubbing my eyes and then they started falling out. They are professionals and experts in their field and the atmosphere is like you are in a spa and yoga combined, so much so that I fell asleep on the table. Outstanding work! Treat yourself today...you will never regret it! Lashed.Out is the only shop for me and my daughter! Love you, Aimee and Hector!

Jane Henry