Eyelash Extension Training

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 Our Next Classic Lash Class Saturday 11/24 & Sunday 11/25 


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Learn the Beauty of Eyelash Extensions from South Florida's Leading Lash Artists!

We offer a combined 18yrs of Lashing Experience! Learn Our Techniques Designed For You! 

*We Can Also Instruct at Your Facility for an Additional Fee in South East Florida...

Class Dates: Saturday 11/24 & Sunday 11/25 

Classic Lash Training   Book PROMO $525 | REG $850  *1 Day (8HR) class 10am-7pm

$175 Deposit required via our website. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

Receive a Start-Up Kit to work & practice immediately.

We offer one-on-one and group classes. 

A deposit of $175 is required. All payments can be made via CASH APP. Lashed Out $LASHedOUT24   please include your First and Last Name, Contact Number. We do not accept CASH payments on premises. We will text you back immediately during working hours in regards to payment confirmation, and you will receive an email for class registration.  Please standby for a follow up phone call from Aimee.

SIMPLE Volume Lash Training   Please Call to Book PROMO $450  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

$100 Deposit required via our website, click on our promo page.

*1 Day Class 6HR 10AM-4PM

You should have a minimum of 1 year of consistent classic lash experience. However, this is not required. 

We offer one-on-one and group classes. All classes are held on a Sunday or Monday and by appointments only. A deposit of $100 is required. Additional payments can be made towards the balance via CASH APP. Only final CASH payments are allowed day of class and must be exact amount, arrangements must be made. No change will be provided.


Deposit per class . No exceptions. NO REFUNDS.

Full CC Payment must be paid 1wk prior to date except CASH payments as stated above, no exceptions.

All Starter Kits and implements are included with pricing. 

1 hour lunch break per class except volume training. You provide lunch, as per individual allergies and diets, we do not offer lunch. 

Call for further info 561.318.7139.  Please allow up to 24hrs for response. 

(preferably no pregnant models as time-frame will be highly uncomfortable for them). 

*No Children are permitted either as a model or as a guest in waiting.

What's required of you?

Good vision! Bring your prescription glasses or magnifying glasses. Eyelash Extensions are very up close and personal

Good Hygiene

Practice makes perfect 


*disclosure, student is responsible for their own State Licensing/requirements -FL requires a Professional Cosmetology or Facial Specialist License to perform services on the public in a lic. salon. Anyone can take this class.

What will we teach you?

Perfect lash isolation

Perfect single lash application to natural lash (CL), lash weight ratio (VL)

Basics of classic lash extensions, implement safety, lash hygiene, how to prepare client for service, station set-up, multiple lash application techniques, multiple lash mapping, & more!

How large are our classes?

Our classes vary from one-on-one training to no more than 6 students. Everyone receives undivided attention.

What our customers are saying

A.Johnson said on Aug 12, 2014 5:55 PM

Loving my lashes. I've tried others in the area and these are the best lashes I've had. Beautiful salon! I fell asleep which is the first time to experience while getting my lashes from elsewhere.