We have always been committed to providing hygienic standards to every client including ourselves, products & implements/tools.

We do not nor have ever used Barbicide or Alcohol as a means of disinfectants. All of our disinfectants used have and are Hospital Grade Disinfectants to protect against: Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal, Staphylocidal, Tuberculocidal & Pseudomonacidal.


1. All Guests as well as Service Providers are required in PBC to wear face masks. We are limiting access to healthy clients only. If you are showing signs of sickness/fever we ask that you reschedule as we always have asked our guests to do so in the past.

2. We understand that it may be High Allergy season periodically for some. We ask that you please take your medication before appointments to minimize allergy symptoms and to keep everyone feeling comfortable.

3. We are limiting visitors. Two (2) clients only per room. We ask that you DO NOT bring  additional visitors with you including children. No additional guests will be allowed in the waiting areas.

4. We will be washing of hands between clients & we ask you do the same before entering the salon suite.

5. Beds are disinfected between each client & we ask you to wait for new disposable head towels to be laid onto neck pillow before laying down.

6. Our implements are always disinfected with hospital grade formulas between each client using the recommendations from the Florida State Department of Business, Professional and Regulations.

7. Face Masks, its a thing! And we believe TWINNING IS WINNING!!! We are all REQUIRED to wear a mask to ensure the least amount of airborne pathogens spreading. No mask, No service.

8. Our air purifier will be consistently used as well.

9. No Credit Cards will be accepted for final payments. CASH or ZELLE only in order to keep Airborne Pathogens to a Minimum during Checkout. Please have exact cash amount, no change will be provided.


Implementing these precautions will help provide the wonderful services you all enjoy. 

We are continuing to provide all services. Understand that we take pride in staying up to standards, offering normalcy, and continuing to create the confidence beauty brings to all of us!

Happy Lashing! Healthy Washing! 

Face Mask Twinning is Winning!